Friday, July 28, 2006

More Apartments Convert to Private Ownership

Despite the gloomy forecasts of various media declaring an oversaturated condo market, apartments still aren’t safe from conversions. The latest downtown DC conversions include a pair of historic buildings undergoing renovations by local developers for impending sales as condominium units. The newest converts are The Grant, a historic 40-unit building at 1314 Massachusetts Ave., NW, and the Chastleton, an 86 year-old building at 1701 16th St., NW, with developer Keener-Squire converting its remaining apartments. Despite the supposed malaise of the market, condos in Metro-centered neighborhoods have been the least affected in the region; and with financing costs rising and construction costs, well, going through the roof, conversions offer developers relatively speedy, low-cost alternatives to developing increasingly scarce land. Condo conversions are dead; long live the condo conversion!



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