Saturday, August 19, 2006

DC Waterfront Redevelopment Plows Full Speed Ahead

The Anacostia Waterfront Corporation (AWC) has reached the final round of its Survivor competition and selected two teams out of five original bids for the next phase of the waterfront project. The two teams are, Madison/KSI Waterfront Partners and PN Hoffman, Streuver Brothers Eccles and Rouse. While neither team is known for its Brando impersonations, both are considered experienced in waterfront development. Keeping the real estate and development world in agonizing suspense, the AWC expects to make an announcement regarding the finalist in the Fall of 2006. The criteria used to select the two finalists included, qualifications and experience, vision, development approach, implementing strategy, financial framework, and, (apparently because of a pressing need for yet one more acronym) LSDBEs – Local Small & Disadvantaged Business Enterprises. The AWC expects to develop the 47 acres of land by selling exclusive rights to one of the firms which will create an area that enhances the community, provided business opportunities for small, local disadvantaged companies, and generates tax revenue for the city. Elia Kazan could not be reached for comment. (You youngsters out there can Google that one.)



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