Monday, August 21, 2006

In The Zone: DC’s Inclusionary Zoning Implementation Act of 2006 Addresses Moderate and Low-Income Housing

The Washington DC Office of Planning has postponed the posting of its Final Ruling for the Inclusionary Zoning Implementation Act until August 25, 2006.

However, a spokesperson for the office has confirmed that the version currently available on its Web site will match the Final Ruling expected for the 25th. The Final Ruling is a controversial rule stipulating that developers of new housing include units for rent or sale at below-market rates to both moderate-income and low-income individuals and families. The Commission has not yet determined which areas of DC will be covered by the Act. The mapping of areas to be covered by the IZ Act is still being determined, meanwhile permits for development projects will use the existing rules and regulations.

Thirty six areas are under consideration for the IZ; among the factors being reviewed are area density as well as types of construction methods used by developers.

In its posting, the Commission acknowledged concerns by members of the development community that mandatory IZ could hamper or even destroy the District’s housing boom, and in response called the boom a "relatively short-lived phenomenon," that could fizzle as quickly as it began. The Commission’s main rationale was that while the future of residential development was not predictable, the need for "workforce housing" must be addressed immediately.

The mapping of the District for establishing which areas will fall under the IZ is scheduled for the beginning of October, 2006.

DC Office of Planning Final Ruling


Anonymous said...

Its ridiculous that DC's solution to a social policy issue is to foist the problem on the deep-pocketed developers and make them pay. Developers are not uniformily large corporations, or rich, and either way will have to pass the costs on, meaning the rest of us will absorb the cost of this, driving prices yet higher.


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