Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Ground Floor

Nordstrom Rack: The discount outlet is building out to open in the next two weeks in the former Linens N' Things space at 5333 Wisconsin Avenue, creating a mini discount shopping haven in Friendship Heights (next to TJ Maxx and Filene's Basement).

Ross: The first branch in Washington of the deep-discount clothing store is confirmed to open in the former National Wholesale Liquidator location, a 62,000 s.f. space at 1518 Benning Road N.E. Bids for construction closed last last month.

The Kellogg Collection: In preparation for the Giant Food development on Wisconsin Avenue, the shop is moving to 5215 Wisconsin Avenue in early May, next door to Sur La Table.

Cleveland Park Starbucks: As businesses exodus for the Wisconsin Avenue Giant development, Cleveland Park's only coffee Starbucks location confirms plans to stay put until later this summer, after which it will move to a temporary location nearby.

Kaz Sushi Bistro: Whether the space is slated for a sushi restaurant or a new concept, Kaz Okochi has signed a lease to occupy the former Motophoto site at 1105 19th Street N.W.

Last Exit: Named for the existential drama or an album by Traffic, the speakeasy isn't as foreboding as its name suggests. The new basement bar below Tonic features cocktails, craft beers on tap, and an array of snacks. Find the entrance at the base of the stairs at Tonic, 3155 Mt. Pleasant Street.

YWCA: A 4,500 s.f. fitness center and 7,500 s.f. education center will occupy the lower level of View 14 at 2303 14th Street NW by January 1, 2012, right around the corner from the mixed use-YMCA that's in progress at 14th and W Streets.

Beta Academy: This mixed martial arts academy will also occupy 9,000 s.f. of View 14, relocating from Calvary Methodist Church in Columbia Heights.

Current Boutique: The third location of the consignment shop with locations in Arlington and Alexandria is expected to open at 1809 14th Street by the end of the month.

Mr. Larry's Pet Supply Store: A long-time Columbia Heights resident opened his shop and groomer at 3303 11th Street this week.

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Ben said...

Any word when the Giant development at Wisconsin and Newark will actually start? I thought this spring but from this post, it sounds like later this summer.

Could have been better said...

View 14 had so much more potential. Now it is a fitness location that caters to a really small percentage of the community: martial art fighters and Christian Women. Too bad the space couldn't be better suited to serve more of the people in the community - groceries, restaurants, etc, etc. I wish the places luck though and hopefully I will find some use for the establishments.

Critically Urban on Apr 21, 2011, 4:35:00 PM said...

Ross...just what we need.

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot. The existential drama is "No Exit"

Anonymous said...

Oh, c'mon. That area is underserved by affordable gyms. You really don't need to be Christian to go to a YWCA unless you are trying to take some sort of a stand. Somebody needs to relax.

IMGoph on May 6, 2011, 5:04:00 PM said...

critically urban: ok, i'll bite, who's the we you're purporting to speak for?

ross is moving into a enormous vacant big-box space in a suburban-style mall in a neighborhood that lacks retail options. is it the ideal use of that space? hell no. the mall should eventually be torn down and redeveloped in a way that fits with good urban principles.

but for now, the mall isn't going anywhere, so what do you propose? leaving it vacant? sorry, but those of us who live in the neighborhood aren't going to gripe and bitch about having more opportunity to spend our dollars here instead of heading out of the city to do so.


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