Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Morning Real Estate Review

DSK putting Georgetown home on the market (Washington Post) The former IMF chief is expected to sell his house for $5m.

Carlyle Group readying for IPO (WSJ) The Washington D.C. based real estate powerhouse is likely to offer shares in mid 2012.

Fillmore opens in Silver Spring (Bethesda Magazine) Live Nation is opening the latest of its San Francisco inspired music halls this month.

Reinventing the Southwest Waterfront (Washingtonian) As plans for the southwest waterfront roll along, concepts begin to take shape for its developers.

DC Makes #1 on list of towns to work toward home ownership (ABC news) With the highest job postings per person, home ownership in the District is considered most affordable.


Anonymous said...

Hooray Fillmore!

Anonymous said...

If you eliminate the shells, shitholes, shacks, and shanties (aren't I clever) that are barely liveable or in crime-ridden areas, the "affordability while maintaining liquidity" metrics aren't that favorable to Washington.

dihi on Sep 10, 2011, 4:29:00 PM said...

On Reinventing Southwest:
I would have liked to see more fact checking in the sections about historical Southwest. I would also have liked to have seen some comment from the 16,000 people who already live in southwest and have moved there because they feel it is a successful community. I also would like to see more example of actual examples of Mr.Hoffman’s projects.

The article made no mention was made of his other partner, Elinor Bacon, who wrote all the requirements for the Anacostia Waterfront Corporation’s request for interest. Didn’t that give his bid an unfair advantage?


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