Thursday, December 29, 2011

Morning Real Estate Review

Chevy Chase Apartment Building "Irene" to selling to Equity Residential (Washington Post) The 500 unit building, developed by Abe Pollin and named after his wife, will be sold to Equity for $215m.

Waterfronts around the region set for big changes (Washington Examiner) DC may be one of the last areas to capitalize on its waterfronts, but now southwest, the Anacostia waterfront and Alexandria are all moving forward bold plans to bring people to the water.


Jay on Dec 29, 2011, 12:11:00 PM said...

The interesting thing about Alexandria’s waterfront redevelopment is that the amount of space currently blocking the waterfront walk is small.

From the Ford’s Landing walkway to the Robinson Terminal North is about 1.2 miles.

The Robinson Terminal North only blocks one block, same for the south terminal. The small buildings between the foot of Duke and Prince also block one block. And the ODBC’s parking lot blocks about 15 yards.

The rub obviously is what to put there. I just with they would get going with something because the city has tremendous plans in terms of marking the history there.

And it’s my understanding if it is hotels, the waterfront would not be blocked by them.

Also, the waterfront continuing on northward towards DC from the Robinson Terminal is open parkway and walks.

Poised? We’ll see.

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