Monday, June 25, 2012

Morning Real Estate Review

Foreclosure machinery creaks back to life (Washington Post)  After years of paying little attention to the process, banks are starting to take a closer look at the process of foreclosing.

Trade groups lobby against new green building rules (Washington Post)  The plastic, vinyl and chemical industries take issue with new rules proposed by USGBC.  The updated standards would eliminate some of their products for LEED building certification.

Housing economists predict better times for the market (HousingWire)  Economists from several real estate associations expect the housing market to improve over the next year.

House sales hampered by appraisers who fail to recognize appreciation (Washington Post)  Increasing numbers of real estate agents find appraisers aren't keeping up with the market.


Anonymous said...

The Leed certification people have done right in limiting the chemical, plastic, and vinyl components of building materials. Next it would be helpful to account for location and how many recourses would go into getting to and from the proposed building.

marko on Nov 1, 2015, 1:18:00 PM said...

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