Thursday, November 01, 2012

Morning Real Estate Fix

August a good month for home prices (Washington Times)  New reports show that housing prices in nearly all major American cities rose during the month of August, and even laggards like Las Vegas are showing a modicum of improvement.

Fannie Mae reaches short sale agreement with insurers (HousingWire)  The mortgage buyer has reached a deal with 9 mortgage insurers to streamline the short sale process, which may also help refinancing.

Mortgage applications decline as refinancing diminishes (Mortgage Bankers Association)  Mortgage applications fell 4.8% this week.  Analysts have long expected this as rock-bottom rates don't have room to fall.

HARP 2:  the nuts and bolts of refinancing (Daily Mortgage Reports)  Following HARP 1, which helped refinance far fewer homes than expected and failed to get at the problem, HARP 2 aims to correct the original mistakes.

Rethinking the FBI building (Washington Post)  As one of the ugliest buildings on earth, the J. Edgar Hoover building has few supporters, especially in the increasingly posh Penn Quarter neighborhood of DC.  What to do with it?  Some idle thoughts...



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