Monday, November 26, 2012

Morning Real Estate Fix

Dulles Airport, Virginia's development catalyst, turns 50 (Washington Post)  Airport, once "out in the middle of nowhere," gave an enormous boost to development in the area.

Mortgage rates dip again, to new record lows (Freddie Mac)  A 30 year fixed now averages 3.31%, for those that can get it, making suckers of everyone who refinanced at 4% last year.

Vornado plans to bring Whole Foods to Crystal City (ArlNow)  The developer's colossal Metropolitan Park development, now in the 3rd stage of construction, is looking to add the upscale grocer to its next project, though completion is years out.

Montgomery County Planning mulls its move to Wheaton (Gazette)  After having abandoned its more Grandiose plans for SilverPlace, the planning board its crafting details of its own needs as it gets ready to move north.

Will a rise in home ownership rates hurt multi-family? (National Real Estate Investor)  Uncertainty is keeping many from buying homes, but if the economy were to pick up, some expect multi-family rentals could be the victim.



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