Friday, November 30, 2012

Morning Real Estate Fix

Archstone sale leaves CityCenter DC in limbo (Washington Business Journal)  AvalonBay and Equity Residential picked up the pieces from Archstone, but neither has seemed to claim its share of the downtown DC project.

A look at the Trumps' new Old Post Office (Washington Post) New renderings of the DC landmark show a preservation-oriented approach to repurposing the building into a hotel.

New FHA rules may prompt more condos than apartments (New York Times) Recently enacted FHA rules allow government-backed mortgages for mixed-use projects, allowing developers to better sell condos in their multi-family buildings.

Housing construction pulls commercial builders back on track (Costar)  With new home construction strong in both multi-family and single-family, commercial construction is being pulled from its torpor.

Tanger and Peterson break ground at National Harbor (PR Newswire) DC's "premier waterfront resort destination" sees groundbreaking on factory outlets.


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