Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Morning Real Estate Fix

The state of Arlington's commercial real estate market (Rebuilding Place)  Arlington provides a lower rent for large commercial tenants like the federal government, but that edge is narrowing as Arlington rents rise and other neighborhoods offer competitive services.

Developer Donahue Peebles puts DC mansion on the market (Washington Post)  Listed at $7m, the house is no longer a priority for the real estate developer that has moved away from DC and onto Florida.

A new study shows what home sellers want (Consumer Affairs)  A recent Redfin study says that sellers aren't generally in a pinch to sell given their perception that the market will continue to go up.  A majority of buyers agrees.

Fairfax County land use solutions on the web  (GCN)  Fairfax, DC's largest suburban enclave, turns to the web to consolidate information on land use and planning.

Pennsylvania Ave PriceRight listed for sale (Greysteel) The leased supermarket, owned by Willco and NREB and opening later this month, goes on the market.



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