Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Morning Real Estate Fix

10 ways to make cities more walkable (Atlantic Cities)  There are many steps a city can take to change the way it allocates space - and the inherent preferences given to cars.

Greysteel brokers sale of 1702 16th Street (Greysteel) The boutique building sold for $1.6m for seller Kerner Development.

Why denser cities are smarter and more productive (Atlantic Cities)  As DC considers raising height limits, does it matter that adding more people will likely improve DC economically, and make it a more interesting place?

November home sales in DC better than expected (Washington Post)  While sales are up, listing of new homes is down, and inventory shrinking, which will likely put pressure on median prices.

Bozzuto announces new projects (Multi Housing News)  Bozzuto Construction announces contracts for the new projects that total more than $100m.

Oxford to join Gould at 900 New York Ave (Canadian Business)  Canadian-based Oxford Properties Group will join Gould as a 50% partner in the planned office building downtown.


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