Thursday, December 13, 2012

Morning Real Estate Fix

Rockville town square to be redeveloped, finally (Greater Greater Washington)  Years after the rest of Rockville saw development take hold, and after many failed attempts, the gaping hole in the center is finally about to see its own construction.

Foreclosures starts lowest since 2006 (Wall Street Journal)  Foreclosure starts in November were 13% below October, for the lowest monthly start in 6 years.

Mortgage rates up after Fed announcement (Mortgage News Daily) A slight shift in the way the FRB approaches monetary policy played out as jittery banks raised rates slightly.

Davis Brody Bond digs in at St. Elizabeths (Architects Newspaper)  The architectural firm, chosen to build the St. Elizabeths pavilion, has created a subtle design for the historic property.


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