Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Morning Real Estate Fix

Zoning changes for corner stores (Greater Greater Washington)  Under proposed changes to zoning, corner stores could be headed to medium density neighborhoods.

Home prices up largest jump in 6 years (Mortgage News Daily)  Home sales over the last month jumped 6.3% since last October, the largest year over year increase yet seen since the crash.

GSA proposes trading Hoover Building for new FBI campus (Washington Post)  The GSA is seeking a developer to build a new FBI building, and would consider giving the current headquarters to the developer in trade.

1 million HARP refinances by end of year (HousingWire)  Projections suggest that the program will have been deemed "a success" by the end of January at this rate.

House of the day:  The Peebles House (Wall Street Journal) No, not the White House, R. Donahue Peebles house, a magnificent tudor on sale for $7 million.


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