Friday, August 19, 2011

Morning Real Estate Review

DC Ranked 7th most walkable city ( Behind Philadelphia??

DC ranked best place to have kids (parenting magazine) The reasons are predictable: "The history, the government, the breathtaking architecture and inspiring monuments." Best of all, Philadelphia was not even close. Who needs to walk when you can make babies?

Commercial values hold steady through stock volatility (Globe St) Market analysts see steady values ahead.

Mortgage rates hit new lows, again (Inman) The spreading contagion in Europe is putting only downward pressure on interest rates.


Anonymous said...

"Parenting Magazine" clearly needs to be shut down. Since when is a murder capital a great place to raise kids? And not even Obama wants his kids going to the public schools. What a riot.

Ken on Aug 22, 2011, 7:14:00 PM said...

The murder capital title was given in the '70's, it hasn't had that distinction since, so you're about 4 decades behind. And as someone who raises kids in the District, I'd say its a pretty damn fine place to do so. More high quality museums, parks, educational events, art and science than any other city, by far.

Ellen said...

Anonymous, you are totally out of touch. DC is a fabulous place to raise kids. Not only are the items mentioned by Ken there to enjoy (museums, parks, educational events, etc.), but, unlike the suburbs, kids have the satisfaction and independence of being able to walk and take transit to get there, go to the library, playground and rec center, and parents aren't slaves to chauffering them. Playing with friends is a matter of walking to a house nearby, not having to be driven to a playdate. In many neighborhoods such as mine, there are block parties, holiday caroling, joint yard sales, and similar activities that give kids a sense of belonging to a larger community.

d'Anconia said...

Ken & Ellen I do agree with your comment on the vast educational and cultural enrichment opportunities which are not only readily available but free, and that Anonymous is out of touch. However, when choosing an area to raise kids how could one overlook the public school system? DCPS was given a D rating. Sure the private schools in DC are ranked amongst the best in the nation, but that is new conversation in itself. I dont see how with a D rating it could be ranked as #1.

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