Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Morning Real Estate Review

Can apartment sales be maintained? (Washington Post) A crowding of the apartment market leaves investors feeling iffy about the future of investing in residential real estate...

...but investment in residential real estate is expected to climb (HousingWire) Thanks to the top performance of rental housing, investors are expected to plunk even more money into expanding their holdings, at a rate well above last year's and double the rate of growth of GDP.

DC looks to past to fix its zoning codes (Atlantic Cities) After much modernization, DC's planners are looking backward to the things that made its historic - and best - neighborhoods succeed, items that today would be outlawed.

DC doesn't need a Trump Tower (Washington Post) The selection of Trump was unfortunate, and the real estate tycoon is not likely to last in the DC market.


Anonymous said...

trump wasn't the obvious choice for the hotel, but given the poor work hyatt did in philadelphia with a similar project, they weren't in the running either. anyone who takes it on won't please everyone, but who knows...it could be like the trump project in fort lauderdale - beach front - built but never occupied so many years later.

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