Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Morning Real Estate Review

New Development poised to deliver taller buildings to the DC area (Washington Post) Developers are looking upward, but don't worry, the District will maintain its low-rise presence.

Lasalle Hotel buys Palomar Hotel in Dupont Circle (Bloomberg) The REIT purchased the 335 room hotel from Kimpton for $143.8m in an off-market transaction.

Largo plan aims for growth around Metro stations (Gazette) Locals pine for retail options as developers ponder WMATA land at the Metro station.

Foreign buyers snap up U.S. homes (LA Times) While mortgage-backed securities are no longer the investment vehicle foreigners once saw them as, individual homes are becoming a preferred investment option.

JBG taking over U Street (CityPaper) Here, there, and everywhere. JBG is moving forward on numerous U Street parcels right now. While several were already underway, the U Street hotel and Atlantic Plumbing sites are getting close too.

Home repossessions set to jump in 2012 (HousingWire) Analysts expect as many as a million foreclosures to clog the system this year, as policy changes allow for the choked process to once again allow settlement on delinquent properties.


Anonymous said...

DC is a high-rise city. As defined by Emporis, a high-rise is a multi-story building between 35-100 meters tall. 35 meters is about 115 feet. A structure is also listed as a high rise automatically when it has 12 or more floors. DC has a lot of high rises, too.

As ranked on skyscraperpage.com, DC is number 12 on the list of all North American cities with about 400 highrises and has more of them than Philadelphia, Boston, Dallas, Miami, Arlington, VA, and many more.




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