Monday, August 20, 2012

Morning Real Estate Review

How Trump landed the Old Post Office (Washington Post)  The Donald - and daughter Ivanka - put their luxury brand to use in persuading the GSA they would create the best hotel, even if they "overpaid" for the property.

Trulia files for $75m IPO (Forbes) The on-line residential real estate company files one year after Zillow did the same.  Trulia has reported $29m in revenue this year.

The incredible disappearing home inventory (Wall Street Journal)  Inventory has been down nationwide, including 48% in Phoenix.  The nation as a whole notice a 20% decline, with the middle tier of housing prices going down the most.

Low mortgage rates boost serial refinancers (National Public Radio)  Historically low rates has led some to refinance repeatedly, though some see the upturn in rates as the end of the refinance market.


Anonymous said...

The Wall Street Journal story has the wrong link. It currently goes to the Forbes article on Trulia.

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