Thursday, September 06, 2012

Morning Real Estate Fix

Metro DC area's loss of farmland (  The DC region's major loss of farmland to sprawling development can be partially ameliorated by conservation easements.

MoCo and AHC partner to buy 768 unit project (AHC) A Germantown garden community becomes the largest project of AHC, which will now serve low- and moderately low income residents, thanks to grants from Montgomery County.

DC's walkable real estate market (Atlantic Cities)  In DC, as in other cities, walkability creates the market, but the greater DC area leads the nation in nation in "regionally significant walkable urban places."  But if you're reading this already knew that because you probably live in one.  Much of DC and the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor count for most of them.

DC Police get hand in shaping new development (Washington Post)  DC Police Chief Lanier is embedding police commanders with developers in order to make the new developments less susceptible to crime.  Case in point is the Wharf in southwest DC.

Mortgage applications down (Mortgage Bankers Assn) For those keeping track of the never-ending ups and downs of the housing and mortgage markets, new applications are falling, though refinances still capture 79% of the market, despite the fact that rates have not dropped recently.


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