Friday, October 12, 2012

Morning Real Estate Fix

A renewed inclusionary zoning debate (Market Urbanism) Some continue to support the subsidized housing program, others say its shortfalls do little to help general affordability of housing while throwing extra burdens on developers and creating upside-down incentives.

Buying power increases in DC housing market (Washington Post) In a report covering the last 2 months, a new study finds its easier to buy a home than it was this time last year.

New York, DC still at top of real estate investor market (Washington Business Journal)  A report by Cushman & Wakefield says that DC and NY remain on top in investor's minds, though investment in DC has slowed.

Foreclosures reach a 5-year low (HousingWire)  RealtyTrac gives its September numbers nationally, and the drop is attributed to a steep drop in foreclosure inventory.


Skidrowe said...

The level(s) of affordability and subsidy are not noted in the article. Regardless, kudos to all involved! Affordable housing of any sort is very difficult in an expensive market like D.C., even in the far reaches of Northeast. Affordable housing that's decently constructed and has a nod to architectural effort is almost impossible. Great to read about this.

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