Friday, April 28, 2006

Hyattsville "Arts District" Community Moves Ahead

Bethesda- based real estate developer EYA's Redevelopment of Route 1 of Hyattsville into a city center with residential, commercial and retail takes a step forward next week with sales beginning for the first residential units. The project is the beginning of a $115m effort to redevelop the vacant site to eventually include approximately 300 townhomes, 200 condos, and ground floor retail.

The run down auto-oriented strip is intended to become a "walkable" community, essentially incorporating its own town center by concurrently developing both the residential and retail in one project, with the Lustine showroom being converted into a gallery, community center and gym. EYA’s recent projects have included similar large scale residential development in Potomac, MD and near the National’s new stadium in Washington DC. Smart Growth Alliance awarded the development its Smart Growth Award in 2005.



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