Commercial Real Estate a determined and experienced group of commercial real estate professionals who have in-depth knowledge of each market and submarket in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. This knowledge is our client’s edge. And it is our energy, doggedness and creativity that give us a competitive edge. We’re small enough to turn on a dime, yet large enough and experienced enough to know a good deal when we see one.
Our focus is on the Greater Washington DC Metro commercial market, but our client reach is local, regional and national in scope. Established in 2020, City Grid Real Estate is continuing to grow into a larger specialized and highly experienced sales team. As a full service real estate company, we work with buyers, sellers and investors in commercial real estate transactions. We also offer an exciting career opportunity.

The secret to turning a great idea into a closed deal is momentum. We understand time kills deals so we move quickly to make deals happen. When we see an opportunity, we make and execute a plan, and the next thing you know a deal is happening.
Commercial Retail Real Estate Experience
City Grid Real Estate has been deeply involved in creating retail success stories in the greater Metropolitan Washington market:
  • Assisting retailers in finding optimum space.
  • Helping landlords match retail tenants for their real estate.
  • Working with entrepreneurs to start up new businesses, as well as helping mature retailers expand and grow.
  • Identifying new areas for retail growth through on the street market research.
  • Assisting in the sale of businesses.

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