Friday, April 28, 2006

Mayor Proposes Moving MLK Memorial Library

In a roundtable discussion this week, DC Mayor Anthony Williams announced his plan to move the MLK Memorial Library at 9th and G Sts. to the former Convention Center site, and to lease the troubled former library. The Mayor, who has previously called for a new library on the now vacant site, has proposed leasing the building now housing the library and using the revenue to support the new, state of the art library. The Mayor’s plan would preserve the boxy 4 story building, long troubled by inadequate space, design problems, and what many view as a less than inspiring design. Preservationists have fought to keep the library as the only DC example of architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who designed the building in 1972.


Anonymous said...

This is a pretty significant bit of news. Developers, folks who live in the city and use the Library... and anyone with a mind to architecture... and urban renewal... to cite just two, just pay heed.

Are the Mayor's plans far along? Reviewed by the City Council? Worthy? Or worthy of Re-vision?

Preserving the Old MLK Library seems like the right approach to preserve the architecture. Yet, a new Library... gives the City a chance to develop a vibrant hub of city life... loaded with the best new technology, a place for a variety of learning opportunities and meeting rooms to round out the community functions.

Keep in mind we have the Library of Congress and Archives for everyone... but heavy on research and scholary activity.

The New Downtown MLK City Library needs to create itself with that immense resource in mind.

Also, KEEPING Martin Luther King Jr. as the Name should be a requirement. Maybe even do a Sister-City-Instituion arrangement with The King Center in Atlanta.

Thanks for the news DCRE ...

Anonymous said...

From my understanding this is not very far along yet. The council has been debating what to do with the little bit of undedicated space that remains.

But really, with everything online and the LOC around the corner, is it necessary?

As for Ludwig von whoever, do we have to save a building that looks like every commercial box in the city because someone overcharged the city for it and called it new?

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