Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ft. Totten to See Major Mixed-Use Project

Lowe Enterprises has announced they intend to develop approximately 9 acres of land next to the Ft. Totten Metro station after having joined two local developers that recently purchased the land. The Metro station serves both the Red and Green lines but the area, isolated by the CSX lines that bisect the neighborhood, has seen no residential or commercial development - until now. The project is intended to add for-sale and rental housing and substantial retail space, though the composition of the development has not yet been finalized. Though the Metro stop is known more as a dot on the Metro map than a destination, Centex and Clark Realty Capital have both announced large projects nearby - making Ft. Totten the next Petworth (which is the next Columbia Heights - which is the next U Street). Clark's project, already begun, will provide several hundred rental units to the area.



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