Saturday, August 26, 2006

Going Green - New Condo Roofs Will No Longer Pollute

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation has been working to provide "green" grants to building development projects in Washington DC.

Doug Siglin, Director of Federal affairs, is optimistic about the impact of eco-friendly designs on the environment.

"This is all pretty new," he said, "but the anecdotal evidence is starting to give us a good sense that we’re on the right track with these grants." Siglin and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation are currently reviewing grants for "green" roofs in certain areas of DC such as the project by developer ICP at 801 Virginia Ave. in Southeast DC. Several green roofs are already under way; PN Hoffman is currently building one at the Alta and developer Bogdan Builders recently announced plans to include green features on the roof at Logan Station, a condominium now going up on 12th & R.

The Foundation has been working to protect the bay from run-off that flows from the Potomac River. The environmentally friendly "green" roofs cut down on the amount of rain water going directly from the roofs to the Potomac. The roofs act as small forests and lower the amount of toxins going from the roof to the river and from the river to the bay.

Among the major projects the Foundation has been involved with are the greening of the roof for the new Federal Department of Transportation in the Anacostia Waterfront Project. The Foundation provided $100,000 for the roof. "That this really is the way to go," said Siglin. "In Germany we’re hearing that green roofs are lasting 45-50 years versus only 20 years for a conventional roof. That adds up to substantial savings over time."

"DC is ahead of the rest of the country on this; we’re pointing the way and it’s a worthwhile change in development."



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