Friday, August 11, 2006

Massive Redevelopment of Falkland Chase Apartments in Silver Spring Planned

It appears the Falkland Chase Apartments, the historic apartment community built in 1937 on 22 acres in downtown Silver Spring along the 16th Street - East-West Highway axis, is in for some major redevelopment. According to sources who attended an August 10th community meeting at the apartments and corroborated by the blog Silver Spring Scene, plans call for the northern portion of the old Falkland Chase complex to be completely demolished, and ultimately the whole community will be redeveloped into biggest project ever in Silver Spring, totaling 1,050 apartment units (the complex now only holds 450 units) in a group of high-rises. In addition, it is expected that a major grocery store such as Harris Teeter will anchor a string of retail shops planned for the development. A timetable has yet to be announced, but between this project and the Gateway project in south Silver Spring at East-West Highway and Georgia Avenue, this area is quickly turning into a metropolis.


Anonymous said...

Please provide more details, e.g., who sponsored this meeting,
who attended? The Falkland Chase Apartments are on the Montgomery County Locational Atlas of Historic Sites. Appreciate further details and time table. Thank you.

Falkland Tenant said...

Are ya'll stealing stuff from silverspringscene? ya'll have it down to the T word for word. Come on people be original. Or atleast site your sources. There are laws against this. and you can't say you didn't steal it. I'm part of the falkland tenants and ya'll both have the same inaccuracies.

Nick on Aug 13, 2006, 7:54:00 AM said...

This report on the FT project was told to me by another tenant at Falkland, and I did see the SSS blrb on this too. If there are inaccuracies, I apologize. If you can educate us on what might be incorrect, that would be a good service and we would be glad to correct and update this story. Thanks.


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