Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year – Now Ignore that Resolution to Get in Shape

Did you make that annual resolution to get in shape, but know full well it’s not going to happen? Never fear – DC’s developers are here to help make you fell less guilty about it. Developers hoping to pursue new high-rise residential projects in the city are looking to the DC Zoning Commission to give them an exemption from having to include mandatory fitness facilities in their buildings. The zoning amendment, which is expected to win Zoning Commission approval this year, would free developers from the current requirement of making five to 20 percent of the residential space into recreation area (with at least half being outdoors) when building in commercially zoned areas. If approved, this amendment would allow developers to add more residential units in their buildings ... and, one would hope (since there would be one less amenity), to lower condo fees per unit.


Anonymous said...

don't be fooled. the savings are meant for the builders pockets ;)


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