Thursday, March 22, 2007

Suiting Up for Redevelopment

After January’s delay in the selection of a developer for Suitland Manor’s redevelopment, Prince George’s County Redevelopment Authority (PGCRA) is continuing their search with a projected announcement date of May. Once chosen, the developer will work with PGCRA to transform Suitland Manor from a once-troubled neighborhood into a 22-acre $80 million mixed-use project with a commercial main street, new offices, retail stores, and residential areas.

Steve Paul, Project Manager for Suitland Manor , said of the project, “We are looking for a fairly dense, mixed-use development and we would like to see some of the adjacent property redeveloped.” PGCRA’s initial renderings depict a pedestrian-friendly, 33-acre (when completed) development located across from the Suitland Federal Center, and within walking distance of the Suitland Metro Center.

The massive development is a 200-building, 13-commercial property acquisition, demolition, and resident relocation project. PGCRA currently has 96 units; however 85 homes must still be purchased for PGCRA to own the entire site. While the number of residential units to be built has not been determined, the new Suitland Manor will feature affordable housing with an emphasis on home ownership.

This development is not the first for the Suitland metro area. In 2004, the county completed the Windsor Crossing development, combining a 125-unit senior housing facility, 95 for-sale houses, and 130 multi-family rental villas two blocks from Suitland Manor. Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Investments is also planning to break ground this summer on its 22-acre, mixed-use residential and commercial “Town Center” project across from the Suitland metro station.



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