Saturday, August 09, 2008

Douglas' Plans at Cheverly Metro

Douglas Development received partial approval last week for their plans to create Addison Row at Cheverly Metro, a mixed-use residential and commercial development southwest of the Cheverly Metro Station. The Prince George's County Planning Board approved the developer's conceptual site plan, which proposed two scenarios, the first of which would offer 121,900 s.f. of retail space, 940 residential units, 650,000 s.f. of office space, and a 25,000 s.f. recreation center. The second, larger plan is for 121,900 s.f. of retail space, 2,000 multifamily residential units, 14,000 s.f. of office space, a 25,000 s.f. YMCA-like recreation center, and a 178,000 s.f. hotel. The project will be developed on 34 acres that is currently occupied by a large vacant warehouse and distribution center that the developer will eventually raze.

According to the Zoning Hearing Examiner's report, 60,000 s.f. of the project's retail space will be used for a grocery store, but the final selection of retail vendors is a long way off as the Board asked the developer to clarify the structure of the retail and residential components. Staff Reviewer Susan Lareuse reported, "It is not unusual for residential living to be located above retail uses on the first floors, but the plans do not clearly provide the amenities required to assure stable functional relationships between the uses."

Located at the intersection of Addison Road and North Englewood Drive, the project is close to both the Cheverly and Deanwood Metro Stations. WMATA said they support the development and all mixed-use development near stations as they promote the use of Metro. A letter from Joel Washington, Director of WMATA's Office of Station Area Planning and Asset Management, read "WMATA would like to see as many steps taken as possible to improve the accessibility of this project to Metro at Cheverly and Deanwood stations by foot, bicycle, or shuttle bus, including wide, safe, well-lit paths." Douglas' current plans show a potential connection to the metro station, but according to the PG County Staff report, the execution of this connection is unlikely because of environmental features on property north of the site.

Phase One, which will deliver a retail building, two mixed-use buildings, and the recreation center along Addison Road is scheduled for completion in 2009. The entire project is slated for delivery in 2012.



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