Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Market-Rate Housing Coming to W Street SE

Stan Voudrie is bringing a new crop of residential development to Southeast Washington DC under the guise of W Street Acquisitions, LLC, at least, someday. Come 2009, a string of underutilized properties at 1226-1252 W Street, SE will be replaced with the W Street Townhomes - an all-new 40,000 square foot project straddling the area between Historic Anacostia and Barry Farm.

The W Street development is said to include 40 units that will be comprised of a combination of larger, single-family townhomes and duplex-style units that double as condominiums. In an unusual move for a Ward 8 project, the W Street Townhomes will feature no affordable housing component. According to developer Voudrie, "It was a by-right project, so it’s market-rate housing." PGN Architects is supplying designs for the project.

Having already received approval from the requisite ANC and HPRB bodies exactly one year ago, the developer is biding his time before beginning the anticipated $3.5 million construction. “We’ve gotten it approved, but we’re not going to start construction right now,” said Voudrie. “With final design, permitting and all that, we’ll be ready to start construction in late first quarter 2009.”

It should also be noted that Voudrie, formerly of West*Group, is a principal of Four Points LLC – a DC-based initiative that plans to bring 1.6 million square feet of new development – including 500 units of housing - to the area of Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue SE. Plans for that project aren’t expected to begin materializing until 2010, but W Street could be a first foray into testing the waters in an area that is at-once both troubled and ripe for redevelopment.


DG-rad on Nov 17, 2008, 12:12:00 PM said...

this isn't in the area between historic anacostia and barry farm.

this is at the very heart of the anacostia historic district.


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