Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Glover Park Stripped of Old Club

The Glover Park Gazette reports that JP's Niteclub will be demolished this week, more than a year after a fire gutted the strip club. Following a final approval from the good guys at the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs last Friday, demolition of the club at 2412 Wisconsin Avenue, NW will proceed this week.

According to representatives for the general contractor, The Construction Guild, LLC, the teardown will begin today and, once complete, will be followed immediately by construction of similarly-scaled, two-story commercial structure - though, at present, site owner Alafoginis Family LP, has yet to secure a tenant for the planned retail space.

The family-owned strip club has remained vacant since a fire damaged the property in January 2008 after 20 years of selling some of DC's most expensive Budweisers and quality, uh, niteclub operations. In the intervening months, two new businesses have opened on either side of the derelict building: the Gin & Tonic Tavern and Z Burger, a local fast food joint. Neither has offered comparable entertainment.


Anonymous said...

nice good guys reference.

Anonymous said...

So did JP's lose the gentlemen's club license in the process?

Can they use it elsewhere? Or is DC down to two licensed strip clubs?

Anonymous said...

Actually there are something like 20 licenses out there -- and something like 12-13 clubs operating. Regardless, JP's didn't lose their license (they had a hearing before ABRA in April) and it is likely that the previous owner will retain the license and keep it until the new building is u/c at which point he may or may not sell the business to a new, more high end operator.

lydia on May 20, 2009, 1:38:00 PM said...

"Following a final approval from the good guys at the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs"

"Following a final approval from the good guys"

"good guys"


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