Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dominion Heights Development Anxious to Break Ground

Earlier this year the Arlington County Board approved developers' request to attempt addition by subtraction at an infill redevelopment site in north Arlington. MacArthur Development LLC, in partnership with the Christopher Companies, will increase the number of residential units set for their "Dominion Heights" project from 49 to 66, while slightly shrinking the gross floor area of the residential, office, and retail programming from 79,037 s.f. to 77,858. With the building footprint remaining the same, the average unit size will shrink slightly. Developers successfully lobbied for permission to cram more units into the same amount of space with promises of LEED Gold certification. Well played.

"Community feedback was very positive," reports Christopher Companies Executive Vice President John Regan Jr., "Everyone just really wanted to get this thing started after five years of waiting." The County Board obliged, and now after several years of meddling with the development plan while lack of financing slowed up the project, developers are ready to move forward with a recent influx of capital. But just a little bit more sitting and waiting is in order, as the final site plans must be okay'd and building permits issued. Designated a “Special Revitalization District, ” the project site at 3565 Lee Highway will soon (relative term) feature four stories of residential space stacked atop 8,000 s.f. of ground floor retail which will likely feature a couple restaurants. Developers have also proposed a small office space for the building, as well as a two-story below-grade parking garage offering 130 spaces.

Designed by Devereaux & Associates, the brick building will be horizontally banded by precast light-colored stone and a detailed faux-wood, oversize cornice, as well as vertically accented by protruding, dark-green, aluminum bay windows. A minor setback of the top floor allows for penthouse residents to enjoy an outdoor deck; while a 5,000 s.f. landscaped terrace is also available for use by the entire building. Features like shower areas for bicycling retail workers and preferred parking for low-emission vehicles will help the building achieve their LEED Gold rating upon completion.

Developers are anxious to get their hands dirty as soon as possible, but don't expect the County to give the green light for a groundbreaking until April, says Regan. Construction will last 14-18 months.

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