Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Officialdom To Inaugurate Convention Center Hotel

The Washington Convention and Sports Authority (WCSA) has announced the official groundbreaking of the convention center Marriott next Wednesday at 11am. Legions of suits and ties, CEOs, Mayors and Mayors-elect will make official what in fact began last month: construction of one of the region's largest hotels to help transform what was supposed to have been a neighborhood-transforming project.

The four-star hotel is expected to be complete by the spring of 2014.

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Anonymous said...

Your outline on the map underestimates the hotel extent quite a bit. It is supposed to extend the entire frontage of Massachusetts Ave to 10th St. And cross over L Street to the north taking out half the block up 9th Street and over to 933 on L Street.

Anonymous said...

The permit has not been issued for this building yet. It is filed under B1008616 and the address 909 Massachusetts Ave NW -- a new address. Some supplemental permits have been issued.

Anonymous said...


Although Marriott does own that land north of L and original plans called for the hotel to span that far north, I'm not sure if the hotel in its current configuration include that plot.

Anonymous said...

The hotel will only be within the confines of Massachusetts Ave, 10th, L St and 9th. It does not extend north of L St. Further, the PEPCO substantion on the west end of the block stays unchanged, while the tall building at the SE corner also stays but is incoporated into the hotel.


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