Monday, January 14, 2013

Your Next Place

I'm not usually one for nostalgia (in general, the past sucked - as far as I can tell, human history was mostly a morass of pestilence, cruelty, and few to no wi-fi hotspots), but they really don't make them like this anymore.  Dating from 1917, this space has more Old World charm than Jeremy Irons in a monocle.  From the deep-scarlet dining room walls to the quirkily adorable kitchen (that tiny-tile floor is straight out of "Annie Hall") to the vintage woodwork in the bath (yes, the bath) to the double-height screened-in porch, it seemed like everywhere I looked, I saw something wonderful that I'd never seen before.  (Sort of like when I was 11 and I found my Dad's Playboys.)

But this warm, house-like space also sports all the latest updates, from the exquisitely-appointed chef's kitchen to the fully-renovated bathrooms.  The living room is warm and has softly glowing hardwood floors, and the dining room features extensive built-ins and a breakfast bar that opens onto the kitchen, so while your significant other cooks, you can sit there and tap your fork and knife on the counter impatiently until they fling a hot skillet of gravy at you.  The kitchen has antique cabinets that are to die for (not literally;  please don't harm yourself over cabinetry), and a top-quality chef's range.

The bedrooms are equally classy, and the baths sport all the modern finishes you've come to expect (marble, glass doors) after spending too many weekends in Las Vegas.  Outside, is the long screened-in balcony-slash-porch; I could sit out here all day, just putting my feet up and thinking about life and tossing balloons full of ink down onto people who don't pick up after their dogs.  You'll also have access to the building's roof deck, which sports breathtaking 360-degree views.  All in all, it's sort of the perfect place; if it was pre-bubble, I'd totally take out a liar loan saying I make a million bucks a year and buy the place.  It would totally be worth going to prison once the jig was up.  (All those people did go to prison, right?)

1870 Wyoming Avenue NW #104
3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths


Anonymous said...

The reason they made them so nice in the past is precisely becasue the past sucked so much. When things are rough, you're not going to throw your money away on some temoprary crap, and your going to build something that provides a little relief from the crapiness of life. Thank god for i-phones!

Anonymous said...

Are those bars on all the windows ?

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Anonymous said...


Yes those are bars, as are standard on most 1st floor windows on residential properties in almost any city/urbanized area in the country.

Anonymous said...

So...basically, dcmud doesn't profile projects in the city anymore. Just glossy advertisements for expensive homes and architectural firms.

Damn shame

Param on Mar 11, 2013, 7:40:00 AM said...

The bedrooms are equally classy, and the baths sport all the modern finishes you've come to expect (marble, glass doors)

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