Creative. Urban. Different.

Did you ever dream of becoming a realtor when you grew up?  
No, we didn't either but it happened anyway. And once we became agents, we realized we didn't really like the real estate companies that were out there. They seemed so, well, suburban. There, we said it. We decided to create a new kind of real estate brokerage, an urban, quirky, technology driven and god help us—fun, place to work.  
Wander around our website and see if our style matches yours more than, say, the companies whose logos were created in 1974.
The Good Stuff:
Commission splits starting at 70%

2 free Washington Post classified ads for your listings 

We will pay half of the cost of our professional photographer to shoot your listings

We will pay for brochure design with our in-house professional graphics designers

Free ad placements for your listings on our newsletter

Newsletter goes out to over 30,000 people twice a week

Newsletters are sent from each of the agent accounts to your database twice a week

Twice a week your clients and contacts receive the best read real estate newsletter in DC that includes your picture and a link to your agent profile

Sponsored Agent in newsletter

Every newsletter sent from our general database includes a promotion of one of our agents in the Sponsored Agent section with that Agent’s photo, phone number and a link to their agent profile

Free ad placement for your listings on our blog, which receives over 4,000 people visiting our site EVERY DAY

No admin fee on your transactions.  No franchise fees.  No desk fees.  Ever.

$1,500 Agent Referral fee



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