Thursday, May 10, 2007

Affordable Housing, Historic Preservation for Arlington's Buckingham Village Apartments

Pending County Board approval, construction will begin in November on a portion of Arlington’s Buckingham Village Apartments’ redevelopment process that is being developed by Paradigm Development Company. The site is currently divided into three villages, two of which will be included in the development. The site plan includes renovation, preservation and historic designation of 140 units located within Village 3 as well as the creation of 68 for-sale townhouses and 504 affordable and market-rate rental apartments.

Village 3, bounded by Fourth Street North, Thomas Street, North George Mason Drive and North Perishing Drive, has been identified as a historic district and is scheduled to be purchased by Arlington County. According to Micheline Castan-Smith, the project manager for Paradigm, Village 1, which is bound by George Mason Drive, North Pershing Drive, and North Henderson Road, will be turned into a combination of affordable and market-rate apartments and for-sale townhouses.

The proposed site plan included review and comment from Arlington County’s Department of Community Planning and Housing Development, community advocates and residents. According to Castan-Smith, the main goals for the project are community and historical preservation as well as affordable housing for those who currently live in the villages and for those who will move into the area. The Arlington County Board will meet to discuss and vote on the project on June 9th. We will keep you updated.


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