Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Luzon Loses Innards, Façade All That Remains

Driving down Pennsylvania Avenue NW into Georgetown, if you glance to the right at 24th Street you will see the familiar peeling yellow façade of the historic Luzon Apartment Building propped up with steel scaffolding … and nothing else. Late last year, Intrepid Real Estate LLC broke ground on the new Luzon, which will incorporate the existing facade at 2501 Pennsylvania Avenue NW into a new luxury condominium, plus new construction on the next-door lots. The Wrecking Corporation of America is presently working on the excavation necessary for the project (which involves both prepping the pad for this building, as well as shoring up the surrounding old townhouses), and expects to have this work completed by July. Plans call for 16 large units (2600 to 4000 square feet each) in the eight-story building (pictured), with elevators that will open directly into the condos. Pricing is expected to range from $1.8 million to $4.5 million, with the Milan-built kitchen units costing $100,000 per unit alone. The Luzon - originally built in the 1890s - was a 20,000-sf brick structure with wood framing, much of which was damaged by water and neglect over the past two decades while vacant. It was designated a historic building in 1990, which ensured its façade would be preserved during this renovation. In addition, the original bell tower at the top will be restored. The full project, which is directly across the street from the Columbia Residences and new Trader Joe’s grocery store, is expected to be completed by late 2008.


Colin on May 23, 2007, 1:46:00 PM said...

Pics here:


Scroll down to April 7.

Dave on May 25, 2007, 4:37:00 AM said...
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