Friday, December 07, 2007

Stanton Square to Rise Soon

Stanton Square, a 187- single-family townhouse community to be built on 8 acres between Hillsdale and Fort Stanton, received the official endorsement of the Zoning Commission last week. Horning Brothers, the development firm behind the project, is preparing to break ground on the first of three phases by early Spring 2008; some units are projected for delivery around September of the coming year. The timeline for construction on the remaining two-phases is largely dependent on the celerity of phase one sales.

Horning Brothers promised to reserve 63 of the homes for "workforce" housing, 20 of which will be set aside for families earning up to 60% AMI and the remaining 43 units for families earning up to 80% AMI. In addition, Horning will create a new chapter of the MANNA Homebuyer's Club, a "peer support group and homeownership counseling program," according to MANNA.

The project, including green space, is being designed by Vienna-based Lessard Group. Design of the new community will feature a pseudo anthology of architectural styles found throughout DC. "The fronts of the townhouses have a mix of Federal, Colonial and Transitional Victorian ( opposed to Invariable Baroque) architectural styles," according to a Zoning Commission description of the project.

Stanton Square's assemblage of two and three story town-homes is self-described as "[Dazzling] your senses with an array of quality features and stylish design that add up to a homeowning (sic) value unmatched by anything available in the city," as stated on their website. Sales for the homes are to commence at the beginning of next year.


Anonymous said...

Right next door, at the intersection of Sheridan Road and Stanton Rd., William C Smith is planning Sheridan Terrace--a 336 unit mixed-income development on 10 acres of land two blocks to the Anacostia Metro Station

Anonymous said...

hmmm....good info

Anonymous said...

Why, oh why, do architects build this crap? Faux facades of staggered periods, none of which are genuine or even genuine imitations, but cheap knock-offs that are like Disneyfied villages, only not copied nearly as well. How about real architecture for a change? Thanks, Lessard Group, for coming into the city and bringing your suburban concepts of 'diversity' to a city with a real architectural heritage. This may be standard in Vienna, but we here in DC live in the city just so we don't have to look at that heinous architecture.

Anonymous said...

I need to find out when are stantonsquare townhomes will develop

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