Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Condos Even the Washington Post Can't Hate

J Street Development and equity-partner Westbrook Real Estate Partners will hold the official ground breaking ceremony for their office condominium building tomorrow at 111 K Street NE, where pedestrians like us can watch big-wigs drop their golden shovels into the dirt. Each of the nine floors will be its own 9,000-s.f. condo (presumably sans granite countertops). Among the A-list invitees for the ceremony is Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton and her former intern, Mayor Fenty; the latter has yet to reserve a seat for the event, although the J Street staff undoubtedly hopes he'll show, fedora and all.

The 90,000 s.f. addition of commercial space, only a block away from the bustle of Union Station, will be presented as an 11-story building with a self-described "grand two-story lobby," thanks to the design strategy of Gensler Architecture Worldwide. J Street has incorporated all of the necessities to facilitate commerce, a 3,000 s.f. conference center on the second floor, underground parking, 1,000 s.f. of retail, a rooftop terrace and most importantly, a prime commuter location. 111 K will serve as the first of a pair of offices J Street has planned for the 1st and K intersection. The second, just across the street at 100 K, will offer double the amount of office space and 7,000 s.f. of retail on a lot ten-times as large; a tentative construction timeline puts groundbreaking late in 2008.

111 K is not striving for LEED status, although green features have been incorporated into the overall design. As with most DC's newest buildings, it will house a green roof atop its tinted glass, use recycled construction materials and utilize an assortment of energy star equipment.

“We feel that 111 K Street is a terrific opportunity for office condominium owners," said Jay Bothwell Principal and Senior Vice President of Design and Construction at J Street. The design, Bothwell added, allows owners to "control their facilities costs in a uniquely designed Class A office building in an exciting and well situated area of the District." With regards to avoiding the typical leasing procedure, Bothwell added, "We're very pleased with the way the market has responded to this relatively underutilized product." 111 K Street is set for completion in mid-2009.


Anonymous said...

wow! this is great news! i can't believe we'll have so much retail close to senate square, et. al.

but... what about the greyhound bus station? that place brings all kinds of "interesting folks" to the area, including prostitutes and drug dealers.

i had heard that the greyhound station was moving soon. is that true? i just don't see it as a good neighbor to all the development that's going on.

does anyone have any info on the future of the bus station?

Sean Hennessey on Dec 18, 2007, 5:59:00 PM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sean Hennessey on Dec 18, 2007, 6:01:00 PM said...

uhripli hope they dont move the bus station. damn. i take the bus and can walk to the station.

Alan Kimber, Commissioner, ANC 6c05 on Dec 18, 2007, 6:25:00 PM said...

My recollection is that part of the air-rights development over the RR tracks north of Union Station would include building a new "multi-modal" transit hub--gobledy-gook for "moving the bus station a couple blocks to a brand-new facility attached to Union Station."

Alan Kimber
ANC Commissioner, 6C05

Anonymous said...

why will they be without granite countertops?

Anonymous said...

no tops because they're not "condos" where people live, they're "condo business offices".

that's when companies own a floor in a building, i think.

Ken on Dec 19, 2007, 10:44:00 AM said...

Poo Poo gets it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm missing something, but the headline makes little sense. In what respect is the Washington Post associated with this development?

Ken on Dec 19, 2007, 10:38:00 PM said...

They aren't. The title only makes sense if you've followed the Post's sky-is-falling coverage of real estate over the past 5 years, in which development is covered with cynicism and figurative air time is given the drumbeat that prices just can't last. Its a great paper, but were predicting calamity way before prices began to level.

My guess is that even they see development of a run-down neighborhood into office space as a positive enhancement.

Anonymous said...

i got that too! :o)

David on Dec 20, 2007, 11:09:00 AM said...

That's why we love you poo.

Steve's Blog on Dec 22, 2007, 10:10:00 AM said...

I live in Eckington (2 blocks away) and am delighted to see yet another bldg start in NOMA.

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