Monday, March 03, 2008

Fenty's Vision for Underdeveloped Neighborhoods

Mayor Adrian Fenty outlined his vision for growth in DC's less developed neighborhoods through the Center City Action Agenda 08, announced today. He hopes the plan will expand development from the heart of the city to new emerging areas such as NoMa, the Southwest Waterfront, the Capitol Riverfront, and Anacostia. The Mayor also claimed that the plan will improve the city's housing, arts, culture, recreation, and transportation, thereby making the city more sustainable and globally competitive.

In the District's first step to reach out to these neighborhoods, the headquarters for the Department of Housing and Community Development will move from its Union Station address (though technically in NoMa) to Anacostia Gateway on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, SE in September.

While not commenting on how this ambitious program would be achieved, much less paid for, Fenty said, "This agenda provides a compelling vision and a strategic implementation plan for growing the District's base and providing employment opportunities, better services and ultimately an improved quality of life for the residents of the nation's capital. And we are leading this effort by example."

Fenty's goal is also to add another 3.9 million s.f. of retail, office, and housing development on an annual basis, with additional affordable housing. The District is calling for an increase in jobs as well, aiming for an additional 6,000 office, 700 retail, and 500 hospitality jobs. The plan focuses on making DC a more sustainable city with additional parks and green jobs, and better walkability.


Anonymous said...

The Headquarter of DCHA is currently in the NOMA neighborhood and I am glad they will move it to SE, so the land could be put into better use.


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