Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Brookland/CUA Metro Station

The DC Office of Planning is working to complete the final draft of a plan for the redevelopment of the Brookland/CUA Metro Station and surrounding area. The OP began a study of the neighborhoods around the metro station in the fall of 2006 and said the neighborhood had been "rediscovered as a desirable place to live, work, and play" and that the neighborhood was under redevelopment pressure. With the help of Smith Group Urban Planners, the city has now divided the site into sub-areas, each with its own outline of what the community would like to see. The OP's role is to make recommendations for height, density and land usage based on neighborhood feedback.

While a final group of developers for has not yet been determined, Catholic University will be involved in the process, and WMATA will select a developer for the land included in their metro station. There is also speculation that Douglas Development will be involved. CUA, WMATA, and Douglas Development are the primary land owners and the organizations that worked with the city on the Small Area Plan.

Plans at this point remain in flux, but the OP is releasing first drafts of what the public can expect. “Our next step is the final draft. We have an outline based on community input, developers can follow it, but they don’t have to. They can develop the land by right based on zoning or submit a PUD,” said Deborah Crain, Ward 5 Planner.

According to the Executive Summary recently released, “The overall concept for the Brookland/ CUA Metro Station Area Plan proposes a neighborhood civic core and arts infrastructure surrounded by transit-oriented mixed-use development at the Metro Station, along Monroe Street, in areas along the railroad tracks north and south of the Metro Station, along a strengthened and revitalized 12th Street, Brookland’s historic Main Street.”

The plans break the area into five subdivided zones, each with its own development agenda. Below are the five areas being developed:

The Metro Station: The plan envisions a transit-oriented mixed-use development at the metro station, with 200 to 250 residential units, 30-35,000 s.f. of retail or residential space, over 200 below-grade parking spaces, and six-story buildings. This area, which is about 4-acres, will include the extension of Otis, Newton, and 9th Streets, a Kiss and Ride with short-term parking along 9th and Newton Streets, and single family residential space along 10th Street. Metro station entries would be relocated along Newton Street and public spaces for community gatherings and farmers’ markets would also be included.

Monroe Street would be featured as a “tree-lined urban street with retail, residential, and cultural uses connecting Brookland from east to west.” There would be over 700 residential units, over 80,000 s.f. of retail, restaurant, and cultural space, 650-850 below-grade parking spaces, and green space at the historic Brooks Mansion. CUA recently selected Abdo Development to develop their 9-acre South Campus on either side of Monroe Street between Michigan Avenue and the Metro. According to Toby Millman at Abdo, they are starting the PUD process.

12th Street would be revitalized as a Historic Main Street with retail, residential, and office space, and improved connectivity to the metro station along Monroe and Newton Streets. There would also be infill opportunities between Monroe and Randolph Streets, and South of Monroe Street.

The Commercial Area North of the Metro Station was outlined as a new residential and office area including 400-500 residential units in the form of condominiums, apartments, and townhouses. Neighbors would like to see 20,000 s.f. of office space and over 200 below-grade parking spaces.

The Commercial Area South of the Metro Station would include 150-200 residential units mixed with cultural uses and only 75-100 below-grade parking spaces. The Metropolitan Branch Trail would be integrated along 8th Street.


Anonymous said...

This looks great im just wondering by the design of the station's new entraces where do all the bus stops go on newton street ?

Sarah on May 28, 2008, 5:01:00 PM said...

Here is a link to the draft of a transportation study:


This is a link to drafts of sub-area plans that detail some transportation ideas:


IMGoph on May 29, 2008, 8:23:00 PM said...

build it, build it, build it!

the nimbys here need to be reminded why they are having a hard time getting decent commercial options in the neighborhood....there just aren't enough people there.

building density right at the station will allow the rest of the neighborhood to keep its "small-town feel" and allow businesses to grow...

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