Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Greyhound Bus Pulling Out of NoMa

Greyhound admitted last week that it may be on track for a departure. The inter-city bus company acknowledged its intention to sell its main DC station at 1005 First Street in the center of the NoMa development hotbed. While little has been finalized and Greyhound is hardly commenting, several sources say it will sell off its terminal and move several blocks south to Union Station. CB Richard Ellis Inc. is reportedly marketing the site.

“The property is on the market, Greyhound is interested in selling and consolidating to Union Station,” said Elizabeth Price, President of the NoMa BID. “I think it’s a great thing, it makes sense to leverage a great public transportation hub like Union Station and make it truly multi-modal. It also opens prime site on First Street for development that’s more consist with what is coming to the neighborhood.” The site takes up most of the block that borders L Street, and which is bisected by the railroad lines.

Price said sale of the property was “bound to happen.” She said other community leaders and developers would be pleased to have the site move towards re-development and join the surrounding flurry of retail, residential and mixed-use construction projects.

Greyhound, however, maintains that we should not get our hopes up. Spokesman Eric Wesley wouldn’t give a timeline or any details about how it would merge into Union Station, and maintained that nothing has been finalized.

“There have been no final agreements. We are still in talks with Union Station, but we don’t want to say that’s what we will do. We’ve had talks for 20 years. It’s hard to say which way the talks will go. There is no timeline,” Wesley said. Greyhound is currently the largest inter-city bus service in the country.


Anonymous said...

There really isnt any room in Union Station for the added masses of people.

Why not just build a brand new large building somewhere that can accomidate passengers, workers, and buses and extra parked or out of service buses.

Anonymous said...

Great news. As a resident near there, the bus station unfortunately attacts a not so desirable element to my neighborhood. With all the redevelopment going on, this site can be better used for something else. Plus, being in Union Station will make it easier for those transferring by train to bus or vice versa. Right now, these people are forced to walk with all their gear several blocks down the road.

Sebastian on May 25, 2008, 9:57:00 PM said...
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Anonymous said...

Why can't the city build a massive bus transportation center (like the one in Midtown Manhattan) for greyhound, Chinatown bus lines, and DC 2 NY bus services. Such a building could have lots of retail, eateries, coffee shops, and a connection to a metro station. DC should've reserved a parcel next to the New York Avenue Station for the project.

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