Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dunbar Place on North Capitol

The Historic Preservation Office has approved the razing of six adjoining row houses: 1322-30 North Capitol Street, NW and 7 Hanover Place, NW, to make way for Thoron Development's Dunbar Place, a five-story condominium building.

Thoron founder Robert Taylor describes Dunbar Place as a five-story, 29-unit condominium project that will include a deck of underground parking, ground-level green space, and a rooftop deck. Having completed the design phase of Dunbar Place with PGN Architects, Thoron now moves into the permit process, after which it will begin construction, with completion by the end of 2009. Taylor hopes that Dunbar Place and Mews will augment the blossoming NoMa neighborhood and notes that neighbors and the local ANC feel likewise.

Dunbar Place used to be Dunbar Towers, but Thoron recently dropped the name. As Taylor notes, “It didn’t really look like a tower.” Dunbar Mews, around the corner on O Street, is another Thoron project, this one an eight-unit renovation. Thoron recently completed Parkview Condos, a 24-unit renovation of a historic building at 610 Irving St., NW.

Just a few blocks north of the new project, at 1600 North Capitol, sits a lot with plans for a 40-unit building, where progress on and interest in the development is hard to detect, while just a few blocks south lies Northwest One and all of Noma, where progress is significantly easier to detect. Let's hope the activity to the south is a better indicator of success.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy with the rendering. I'm a little suprised to think they can get it done by the end of 2009 but more power to them.

I walk by this site every day and while there are few friendly people who I say hi to daily most just trash the area.

With all that's happening north & east this place will transform. I imagine it will take about 5 years but it will happen.

Anonymous said...

I'm concerned - is this the site of Big Ben Liquors? Because that is a gorgeous turreted victorian brownstone. It's the first of the kind to greet you if you enter the city from the east. I passed every time I came into town as a kid.

Anonymous said...


I was thinking the same thing is this where Big Ben is; How long has that Liquor Store been there. I know it has changed hands a few times.

John W DC on May 14, 2008, 10:13:00 AM said...

It's a block up from Big Ben liquors. It's at North Capitol & Hanover Pl NW. You can see the red development awnings on the properties to be razed. None are currently occupied.

Anonymous said...

Just curious but how will they tear the buildings down without block the sidewalk or street along North Capitol beside them.

I dont residents will like that since its the only way over there unless you walk to 1st street or up the eastern side of N. Capitol and cross over on P street.

Also what happen to the underpass in the depiction

Sean Hennessey on Jun 14, 2009, 10:19:00 AM said...

they've been razed.

Anonymous said...

do the same with 12 n capital st ( tyler house project) and really enhance the flavor to restore the area


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