Monday, May 12, 2008

Howard Issues RFP for Bond Bread Building

Howard University has issued a Request For Proposals (RFP) for real estate developers to submit bids for a "first-class, mixed-use development" at 2112-2146 Georgia Avenue. Part of the 2.2 acre site at the corner of V St. and Georgia Avenue, the Howard Town Center, was offered to Howard by the District of Columbia just two weeks ago in an exchange designed to facilitate Howard's residential development, and the University obviously plans to waste little time in moving forward with development of the neighborhood.

The project is the site of the Bond Bread Building, a property long contested by its one-time tenant, which lost a legal battle for control of the land. According to the RFP, the development "must include rental apartments, retail (including grocery store) and parking," and is strongly suggested to be LEED certified. Though the site has a maximum floor area ratio (or FAR, which limits the amount of floor space in relation to the size of the lot it is built upon) of 6.0 and a height of 90 feet, but also falls within the districts "Duke plan" (for developing Shaw and U Street), which encourages greater height and FAR allowances. The project is expected to have 300 rental units that will comply with D.C.'s formula for market rate and affordable housing. A mandatory pre-bid conference will be held at Howard on May 15th to discuss the project, the terms of which require that the real estate developer enter into a long-term ground lease with the University and undertake all development obligations. Bids are due by June 10.


Anonymous said...

God bless anyone that can make Georgia Avenue into less of a disaster. Everyone keeps talking about what a great neighborhood this could be, but year after year it remains the same. This might actually be the catalyst.


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