Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Condo Report: The Argent

Argent Condos, 1280 East West Highway, Silver Spring, MD
The sales center at The Argent, Perseus Realty LLC's $37 million Silver Spring condo building, has opened its doors and DCmud was among the first to peruse some of its 96 for-sale units. The Argent is something of a curiosity in DC metro area because, as other similarly minded residential developments in the area have converted to rentals, The Argent is forging ahead in a condo market gone south. Home Properties' 1200 East West Highway building, directly across the street, is under construction and hoping to finish up early next year - advertising only rental units - while the Portico, once envisioned as a condo, is now leasing. Other projects in the area have simply failed to materialize.

Nonetheless, the developer is hoping to combat any possible sticker shock by dropping prices on units once scheduled to start in the low $400s. As of today, a 636 square foot studio is going for $247,900, while prices top out at $553,900 for 1435 square two-bedroom with den. The building’s sole three-bedroom unit, located on the second floor, is priced at $570,900, measuring in at 1426 square feet. Those prices increase by roughly $3,000 the higher you climb in the building’s nine-stories - but don’t hold your breath for amenities while you’re up there.

"There’s a rooftop terrace. It’s walking distance to the grocery store and all the different shops…Unfortunately, there’s no pool [and] no exercise room,” said one of the sales

representatives working the project. The JSA Inc.-designed development is rounded out by a plaza/sculpture garden, fronting on East West Highway, that was designed by local artist Mary Ann E. Mears. The building opened on May 22nd.

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Brian White on May 27, 2009, 5:59:00 PM said...

I live right across the street from this building. It is hideous. It has black brick underneath the windows. The top two corners of the building are unadorned concrete block. The builders seem to think they can use varying materials to make patterns on the building to create visual interest, but it fails completely. I get mad just looking at the stupid building. And the sculptures out front seem threatening and completely unfriendly.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely. I would much rather Montgomery County have required the developer to create real architectural interest (vs. implied) than force them to spend all that money on the stupid pocket parks & sculpture.
Example: the Kennedy-Warren looks wonderful with just regular old landscaping.

Anonymous said...

Oh Brian, you did mention brick right? I visited the building and completely disagree with you. The building is solid steel and concrete. Maybe you get mad looking at it because you are jealous of the wood built building you are living in? Or umm have you even visted the Argent? Compared to the Silverton, Mica and Newell Condos, I have to say, they are much larger and give such good natural lighting. The hallways are nicely done, spacious and modern. Uh, and the sculpture was done by a local artist who has received several awards. Maybe you just do not have an eye for art.

Anonymous said...

I absolutey love the new building located on East West Highway. The brick front is stunning and creative. Sure beats what used to be there. I like brick over vinyl siding anyday. The variety of brick layouts compliment the neighborhood and the new apartment building being constructed next door. I live in the neighborhood and walk by every day.


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