Thursday, December 17, 2009

Metro Set to Demolish DC Village

Metro (WMATA) is preparing to raze DC Village, a 16-acre Ward 8 homeless shelter shuttered in 2007, to make room for new construction of the SW bus depot. Metro paid $6.45 million in July for the future home of up to 114 buses serving the greater DC area, with the potential to expand service for up to 250 buses. The garage will replace the seldom-missed bus depot near the Nationals' ballpark, sold to Akridge and Monument Realty in 2008 and demolished to make way for a multi-use (but unbuilt) project. The raze application is the first sign of forward motion since the formal groundbreaking in September.

According to Ron Holzer, spokesperson for WMATA, the demolition company, Sabre Demolition, will be paid $1.89 million for their services. Holzer added he expects the first raze permit approval in mid to late January with demolition by February. The District is still seeking applications for contractors to provide design and construction services for a Bus Maintenance Facility for the site through December 23, 2009. Holzer said once Metro award the contract the actual construction could commence in the Fall of 2010.


Daniel on Dec 17, 2009, 3:43:00 PM said...

So, where exactly is this? Whenever I read something on here, I want to look it up on google maps or somewhere to have a sense of it in proximity to other things, but with no address or cross street, it is hard to figure out, so I give up.

Ken on Dec 17, 2009, 3:50:00 PM said...


An inside secret (please don't tell anyone): If you click on the map embedded within the story, it will show you exactly where that project is.

Anonymous said...

Re: The Lacey ad

Wouldn't homeless children be better served by, I dunno, a place to live rather than a wine and cheese soiree? Like maybe in the vacant condo building you're trying to hawk?

Making the indigent into marketing ploy.

But extra credit for thinking outside the "let's put up 8 foot high signs that say 'COOL DESIGN' on 15th St" box. At the least this is original, if douche-ified. Should be nice selection of yuppie scum on hand.

poo scratches his head said...

little angry?


you should look into that...

let's get our capitol city where it should be!


for everyone, d-bags and... um... the ones that don't qualify for such a name.

just breathe a bit.... homey.

Anonymous said...

The city should commit to razing two section 8 housing buildings every year. Space is at a premium, and such taxpayer-funded blight has been shown to be a failure. Tough love will make this city a better place.

brett said...

Hey Anonymous, simma down now-

Ken you are a god'

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