Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Macklin in Cleveland Park

Sponsored Announcement

UIP Property Management, Inc. is pleased to present The Macklin a fully renovated historic apartment building in the heart of Cleveland Park. The Macklin was built in 1939 and boasts 17 beautiful fully renovated apartments. The Macklin was designed in an art-deco style by renowned architect Mihran Mesrobian (1889-1975), who was a prominent Washington architect. The apartment homes have been completely and beautifully renovated with individually controlled central heating and air conditioning, GE stainless appliances including microwaves and dishwashers, washer/dryer units in each apartment, granite counter tops, restored hardwood floors, tiled kitchens and bathrooms and so much more. The Macklin’s historic exterior features were restored, including the original steel casement windows, glass block art deco entry way, and decorative false balconies and concrete panels. If you want to live in the heart of the city or if you are looking to upgrade, starting at $1,600, call us today at 202-244-3811 or visit us at our website


Anonymous said...

These look great, what do they lease for?

Anonymous said...

Wow - those look amazing. Anyone know what the average rent in CP is for a "reno" building like that?

Anonymous said...

I have seen other properties UIP has renovated; fantastic workmenship in the apartments. 1706 T Street, 1921 Kalorama Road and Newark Street are wonderful examples of how older properties in DC should be renovated/rehabilitated

Anonymous said...

I thought these looked great too, along with several other UIP properties. Then, I was stood up twice in one week by two different UIP agents. So I guess, my point is, good luck renting one, and I don't really think renting from this company would be worth it.

I'd suggest reading the filtered reviews on yelp, before you think of renting from UIP.

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