Monday, January 11, 2010

Lacey Condos

The Lacey, 2250 11th Street, NW, Washington DC
The Lacey is a 26-unit condo, the first deliveries began in March, 2009. DC-based Division1 Architects, a contemporary architectural firm, designed The Lacey's contemporary look, with rectangles of glass, steel and concrete, and striking interiors accentuated with sliding glass walls, most have outdoor space (courtyards or decks) and very refined finishes, including Snaidero cabinets - all in all the most contemporary condo in Washington DC. The building includes quiet, low-energy elevator, garage parking, a common roofdeck, and features design elements such as floating hallways that allow light from the roof to filter through the first floor.

Construction of the Lacey started in May 2007. 4 Penthouses have both private rooftop terraces and balconies. The Lacey occupies the lot next to the fabled Florida Avenue Grill, and was named after the Grill's former owner, Lacey Wilson. The condo was developed by the Grill's current owner, Imar Hutchins and Division1 Architects, sales by

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