Thursday, January 14, 2010

Embassy Condos Try Again

The Embassy Condo of Mt. Pleasant and owners 1613 Harvard Street Limited Partnership have finally bounced back from a legal defeat in 2005 at the hands of the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), and have once again begun selling the 76 units in the building as condos.

The previous owners of the Embassy Apartments, as they have long been known, registered the apartment with DCRA as a condominium way back in 1980 - a necessary step in the conversion process - but did not pursue sales. When the new owners attempted to evict the tenants for the conversion on the basis of the 1980 approval, the tenants brought the matter to DCRA, which issued a "cease and desist" order against Embassy owners in March 2005. The ensuing law suit ended in 2005 with a judgment against the building owners in which Superior Court Judge Gerald Fisher issued a smackdown, and ruled that “having failed to exercise its right to convert for 19 years since it acquired the property and for almost 25 years since the property was approved for conversion, Harvard is equitably barred from doing so now."

Since that time,
the group behind the project is now back in good standing with DCRA and has started condo sales. In 2006 the owners received approval for window replacement and interior renovations. The sales website for the condos boasts of "sweeping hardwood floors, chef’s grade kitchens and contemporary finishes." Sales representatives did not return any calls regarding the project. Paid advertisements began appearing last week, but the project has not yet appeared on the MLS.

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UPDATE : (o1/15/10) Sales representatives for the Embassy contacted DCMud with additional information on the building. Sales are set to begin next week on the 23rd, at which point it will appear on the MLS. Prices for studios range from just below $200 to the mid-$200s, one-bedrooms range from the high $200s to the high $300s, and two-bedrooms range from the mid-$400s to the low $500s.


Mike said...

thanks for the posting.
I'll sure be to swing by and check out what's on the market over there!

Anonymous said...

Aren't they supposed to put listings immediately in the MLS per the MLS rules? Not that it would matter to them, most of Mayhood's listings don't even bother putting in pictures in the listings, or including details about the units. "Marketing" company. Hm.

Anonymous said...

I have called and emailed several times and can't get a response.

Shaun on Jan 20, 2010, 3:44:00 PM said...

Apparently sales don't officially begin until the 23rd, though they have been advertising for at least two weeks. Try again next week!

Anonymous said...

If I were to buy a condo in a building that has been around for years, they probably would have a sizable savings account to pay for major repairs. What are the financial assets for recently converted condos? Would it be a risk to invest in a condo if it didn't have savings?

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