Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Your Next Place...

By Franklin Schneider

There are very few "I'm king of the world" gestures more effective than living in a penthouse. I mean, you're right up there, on top, lording it over everyone. It's too literal to even be a metaphor. The only thing more kingly is to be an actual king, wearing a big gold hat and sitting in a chair bigger and higher than everyone else's. Though of course with that you have to worry about a possible peasant uprising followed by possible exile or execution, whereas with a penthouse pretty much the worst thing that could happen is what, they might raise your condo fees?

This incredible two-level (three if you count the roof) penthouse unit in the Beauregard boasts a private rooftop terrace (with cabana!) and three separate balconies. There's a gourmet kitchen with Caledonia granite countertops, and an expansive living room with floor-to-ceiling windows and a correspondingly breathtaking view. The master bedroom is truly masterful, and the master bath has more marble in it than many museums. There's also a den where you can sit quietly and write letters to your exes, in-laws, and rivals: (“Enclosed are pictures of my new penthouse; those balcony pics aren't duplicates, I actually have three separate balconies. How many do you have?”)

Comes with garage parking, a fitness center, front desk service, and another, shared, roof deck. Also, the unit is just steps from U Street and all its shops, restaurants, cafes, and nonstop nightlife. To paraphrase Dr. Johnson on London, “if you're tired of U Street, you're tired of life.”

2100 11th St. #PH2
Washington, DC
2 Bdrms, Den, 2 Baths


Anonymous said...

Thanks for another post by Franklin Schneider. He writes the most entertaining real estate pieces I've ever read.

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